Enjoy a Peaceful Retirement in Moorestown, New Jersey

Quiet, friendly, and affordable, Moorestown is a great place for people who want a slower pace of life, ample green space, and a town with plenty of personalities to spare. It is also only a short 14-mile drive from the commercial hub of downtown Philadelphia and 72 miles from the iconic Jersey Shore. That is why it is one of the few renowned retirement communities to consider. Information can be found here.

Affordable Choice

Compared to some of the surrounding locations, all of New Jersey makes for a pretty good choice for retirement if you’re looking for affordable options. If you already live in the area, you won’t be facing any increased cost of living, and if you’re moving from nearby New York, you’ll receive a dramatic decrease in expenses. See here for information about Jenkintown, Pennsylvania is Historic Yet Modernized City.

Peaceful Life

There’s even more going for Moorestown than just location and affordability, however. Did you know, for example, that the town is almost arid? That’s right — after Prohibition ended, Moorestown continued to ban the sale of alcohol within town limits. The ban was upheld for nearly a century! Today, the only places that sell liquor are relegated to the Moorestown Mall. This makes the place pretty peaceful and quiet, the perfect refuge for anyone looking to escape the madness of the rat race.