Philadelphia, PA is a Historical City

Learn History in Philadelphia, PA

For history lovers, Philadelphia offers several ways to have fun while exploring all the town’s past. For that remarkable moment, consider a trip to any of these two areas.  Look here for more about Philadelphia, PA.

Independence Hall

This is a must-see for history buffs. The historic building is listed as a World Heritage Site and played a big role in Philly’s designation as a World Heritage City. You have to get a ticket from the Visitor’s Center across the street to go inside. While you’re at it, check out the Liberty Bell across the street, and National Constitution Center across the Mall, and 15 other hidden gems in the national park. Click here to read about Philadelphia, PA is Chock-Full of Fun Activities.

B. Free Franklin Post Office & Museum

The B. Free Franklin Post office is the only free colonial-themed post office operated by the US Postal Service in existence. It also proves itself in staying true to the period in which it was created (for instance, it does not fly the American flag as there was no flag in 1775). This post office honors Benjamin Franklin, our nation’s first postmaster, and explores his history and the history of the postal service through an onsite museum. In the museum, find postal memorabilia as well as objects and articles of historical interest and significance.