Philadelphia, PA is a Sports Powerhouse

Philadelphia, PA is a Sports City

Philadelphia fans have known joy and heartache, anger and exultation in their 100-plus years of living with professional sports teams. Notably, Philadelphia is just a few cities with a professional franchise in five major league sports. See further information here.

Philly Kickball League

Since 2006, Philly Kickball League has been letting Philadelphians tap into their middle-school gym classes with casual yet competitive kickball games. They meet every Sunday between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. at Starr Garden Park from April through August. PKL operates by a “don’t take yourself too seriously” mindset, encouraging every player to have fun (evidence: their first official rule is “No whining”). Each team is required to have a mix of males and females, with no more than ten players on the field at a time. Learn more about Philadelphia, PA is a Festive Town.

Philadelphia Sports Leagues

With over 100 offerings, Philadelphia Sports Leagues is a massive hub for sports leagues for grown-ups. They offer both pick-up and organized leagues, general activities, and social events for basketball, floor hockey, soccer, softball, tennis, kickball, and more. Their leagues span pretty much every neighborhood and suburb of Philadelphia, from the Navy Yard all the way out to West Chester. No matter which sport you choose, you can register as an individual, with a group, or lead a team as captain.