Philadelphia, PA is a Theater Den

Philadelphia, PA is Full of Theaters

Music lovers in Philadelphia will not run short of a delight. Here are the top theaters to find live music performances.  Visit this link for Philadelphia, PA facts.

Electric Factory

Though Electric Factory has been one of the nation’s leading indoor music venues for 40 years, it hasn’t even begun to lose its relevance. Hosting some of the best musical touring acts from various genres, the medium-sized venue is usually open to all ages, with the upstairs bar level limited to 21 and up. It’s a quick cab ride from almost anywhere in the city, though paid parking is plentiful. Discover facts about Philadelphia, PA is a Sports Powerhouse.

Tower Theatre

The legendary Tower Theater began its humble days as a movie theater, fell into hard times, and was severely damaged in a fire. After refurbishments were made, the venue booked and promoted its first concert here, and the rave reviews poured in for years and years.

The Trocadero Theatre

Once called the Arch Street Opera House, this super-historic (since 1870) building now houses The Trocadero Theatre, a rock club that books metal, industrial, punk, electronic, indie-rock, and more. The theater is standing only, with some bench seating available in their more intimate balcony area. Movie Mondays at the Trocadero put their more intimate balcony to use.