Philadelphia, PA is Full of Landmark Attractions

Iconic Landmarks in Philadelphia, PA

Like most towns, Philadelphia boasts several landmarks. These areas are fun to visit, but they also tell a lot about the city.  More facts can be seen here.

Betsy Ross House

Built in the mid-1700s, the Widow Lithgow owned this Georgian-style house, who rented rooms in it to Betsy Ross and her husband, from 1773-1786. They ran an upholstery business out of this house, and in 1776, Betsy allegedly sewed the first U.S. flag here. Fully restored in the 1930s, today, the house is one of Philadelphia’s most visited attractions. Betsy Ross is buried in the adjacent courtyard. The gift shop offers Betsy memorabilia and flag souvenirs, books, and toys. It’s a short visit, but very worthwhile to see the humble building where one of the first symbols of our new nation was created. Learn more about Philadelphia, PA is an Outdoor Haven.

Liberty Bell Center

The Liberty Bell Center is a Philadelphia must-see. Visitors can view the famous Liberty Bell, one of the most recognized symbols of American freedom, and learn its history. Films, historical documents, and visual displays enlighten visitors on its history and why it has become the symbol of freedom for many. Take the time to read the many informative plaques and view the pictures along the way telling the Liberty Bell’s past and stories that pertain to its place throughout history.