We’ve all been there. Driving down the highway, pushing 80 mph when a massive horsefly splatters across the windshield like a modern Jackson Pollack painting. With a touch of washer fluid and few swipes from the wipers, the masterpiece is gone and you continue on your journey.

But what about the bug?

Some days you see everything clearly, easily going throughout your day and barreling to your destination. You feel great, all of your anxieties are gone, and tasks are done with ease. Those days you are the windshield.  Other days life smashes into you, you feel like simply starting your day is a challenge. Nothing seems to be going your way, maybe you spilled your coffee or got caught in bad traffic. An all around terrible day, you are the bug.

You aren’t going to be the windshield everyday, it’s simply not realistic, because even the best people have bad days. For me, it’s the reaction to these bad days that separates us. Working in Business Development, I have the liberty of talking to all kinds of people who are eager to tell me “not interested” or “remove me from your list”. Anyone who has made cold calls understands this. Just because I was the bug yesterday doesn’t mean I can’t be the windshield today. It’s this chance that pushes me to come in a pick up the phone.

Despite our best efforts, we can still be the bug and that is awfully discouraging. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and believe that we aren’t good enough. It’s just as easy to become arrogant and believe that you will always be the windshield, undoubtedly setting yourself up for failure when the day comes you aren’t.

The ability to fail miserably one day, and excel beautifully the next is one of the most valuable traits you can find. Of course we want to try to be consistent, but life has an interesting way of combating this desire. So instead of wondering why nothing seems to be going your way, understand that everyday there is a new bug and a new windshield. So at the start of this day, I ask, which one are you?

Written by Conor Lapresi

Mindset Coach