Strength training is essential for athletes, but it can also be beneficial to the everyday person. It builds muscle and burns fat. Strength training has many benefits outside of giving you a great body – like improving your cognitive abilities! This article will provide you with information on what strength training does, why it’s important, how much work you need to do, and some tips for getting started. Philadelphia, PA can be seen here.

If you aren’t into the gym, don’t worry because there are plenty of other ways to get your strength training routine in. The guide will help make sure that you follow a good program. You can also download an app or buy some DVDs for extra guidance if need be. It is important to see results so it’s worth investing some money and time! Strength training does not have to take up hours every day but you should find 30 minutes at least once per week very useful as well as working out all parts of your body thoroughly over this period. Make sure that each session has 15 reps which mean completing three sets with one-minute rest between each set if possible. The key thing is to stick with it and go at a moderate pace. A good goal is around three times per week. Click here to read about How to Train: Strength Training.