Apologies for the outburst, but stop doing this. This is an acronym that has persisted throughout time when it comes to injuries. For the uninitiated it stands for R – RestI – IceC – CompressionE – Elevation In recent years this particular acronym has come under fire by many that work in the realm of […]

Exercises Not Worth Programming

I’m not much of a demonzier so to speak especially when it comes to exercise. I get annoyed when I hear people postulate that “you should NEVER do this exercise!” I tend to be of the mindset that all exercises have their place depending on context.  What I mean by context is… Client/Athletes current physical […]

Your Interns Matter

In a word, grind. That’s what the internship experience is in just about every field, a grind. You work a lot of hours for little or no pay and you’re essentially at the mercy of your superiors. You get stuck with the “bitch” work, meaning the jobs that nobody wants or cares to do.  All […]